Upgrade Phoenix Framework

The following shows a minor upgrade within version 1.5.x. If you need to upgrade 1.4.x to 1.5.x, please see: https://gist.github.com/chrismccord/e53e79ef8b34adf5d8122a47db44d22f

To upgrade a Phoenix project, edit mix.exs, look for the line (was upgraded from 1.5.1 to 1.5.4):

{:phoenix, "~> 1.5.4"},

To upgrade the Phoenix installer itself, run in the terminal (example shows upgrading phx_new 1.5.3 to phx_new 1.5.4):

> mix local.phx
Resolving Hex dependencies...
Dependency resolution completed:
  phx_new 1.5.4
* Getting phx_new (Hex package)
All dependencies are up to date
Compiling 10 files (.ex)
warning: redefining module Mix.Tasks.Local.Phx (current version loaded from ~/.mix/archives/phx_new-1.5.3/phx_new-1.5.3/ebin/Elixir.Mix.Tasks.Local.Phx.beam)

Generated phx_new app
Generated archive "phx_new-1.5.4.ez" with MIX_ENV=prod
Found existing entry: ~/.mix/archives/phx_new-1.5.3
Are you sure you want to replace it with "phx_new-1.5.4.ez"? [Yn] y
* creating c:/Users/sanji/.mix/archives/phx_new-1.5.4

> mix phx.new --version
Phoenix v1.5.4

Finally, if you updated mix.exs file for any project, run:

> mix deps.clean --all
> mix deps.get
> mix

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