EditPlus Setup for Go

This article shows how to setup EditPlus for editing Go files.

  1. Syntax highlighting
  2. Build and run Go files

EditPlus is a small program for editing files; it’s fast and doesn’t use much memory. I use it for writing experimental programs and tests in Go.

Program: EditPlus
Operating System: Windows 10

Syntax Highlighting

Download the Go “stx” file go2.zip from this page: https://www.editplus.com/others.html. If you search for “Google” on that page, you should be able to find the following line:

Google’s Go programming language stx – sethborg (2011-01-17)

There is another older version: Google’s “Go” stx – Nate Eriksmoen (2009-11-14)

Extract the go2.zip file and move the go.stx file to your EditPlus “user settings” directory. Your “user settings” directory should be something like:


Then go to “Tools” -> “Preferences” -> “File: Settings & Syntax”. Add an entry for Go with the following settings:

File extensions: go
Syntax file: go.stx

Your Go code should now have syntax highlighting enabled as can be seen below (before/after):

Build and Run Go Files

In EditPlus, click “Tools” -> “Configure User Tools”. Click “Add Tools” with the following settings:

Menu text: go run
Command: C:\Program Files\Go\bin\go.exe
Argument: run $(FileName)
Initial: $(FileDir)
Action: Capture output

Now you can use the “Tools” -> “go run” command to build and run your Go files from EditPlus.

My shortcut is set to “Ctrl+1”. So, now every time I hit “Ctrl+1”, I can see the output of the Go program within the EditPlus output window as shown below:

One final setting you may like is to turn off the “Ding” sound after each time the Go program runs. To do that, go to “Tools” -> “Preferences” -> “General”, then click “Turn off sounds”:

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