Fibonacci Program in Assembly Language

Here's how to write a Fibonacci sequence program in Assembly language from scratch for the x86-64 processor. Also includes instructions on how to install the Flat Assembler. Installation First, let's install the Flat Assembler. You can download the program from here: Doesn't need Windows setup/installation. Simply download the zip file and extract it to [...]

Download a File Using Go

Downloading a file from the Internet using Go is remarkably easy. Especially coupled with concurrency it makes downloading multiple files fast. The following code below shows how to download a single file using Go. Goal: Download a test image file, the Google logo First get the file using http.GetExtract the filename from the URL by [...]

Windows Firewall Rule for Go Web Development If you do Go web development on Windows, then you are likely to come across the Windows Firewall - Security Alert whenever you build and run the Go app. For example, here I am trying to build and run a sample Go web server program "main1.exe" that wants to run on port 4000: Windows [...]

Install and Configure Apache and PHP on Windows

This post explains how to install and configure Apache and PHP on Windows. Sure, there are convenient options like: Bitnami WAMP Stack, WampServer or XAMPP. But over the years I found that installing each stack separately is more reliable and provides greater flexibility. You will probably also want MariaDB for a database which you can [...]

The Definitive 4-Step Short Guide to Implementing WordPress Language Files

WordPress: 5.5.1 The reason to call this post "definitive" is because it contains the exact information (without adding anything extra) for implementing WordPress language files (aka internationalization). The 4-Steps 1. The plugin entry point ".php" file needs the following Text Domain WordPress directive, considering foo-bar as the plugin name: * Text Domain: foo-bar Where is [...]